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The Band

Combining energetic performance with raw talent, Born Zero and their music are paving the way from Birmingham, UK - The Home Of Metal - 

as an influential Heavy Metal Band for the modern generation.


Since joining forces, the members of Born Zero have captivated fans with their signature sound and unique performances. 


You will be hooked from the first note.


Read on to learn more about this talented group of musicians.


Hitting you with a slew of influences panning from

Pantera, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath and Lamb Of God,
UK metal crew BORN ZERO are an emerging, raw, and brawly prospect.


Initially formed out of secondary school in 2015 and hailing from Birmingham, UK,

the birthplace of heavy metal, BORN ZERO’s sound can be described as loud, raucous and heavy.


Although all members of the band were born in 2000 and are therefore still in their teens,

the rising upstarts have a maturity and drive that certainly belies their age.


Already with a strong live set and an army of fans BORN ZERO have delivered a slew of highly successful shows across the Midlands which has earned the quartet a growing reputation.


Check out their Events Page for more information on any upcoming gigs!



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