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Levi is a confident performer and strong voclist.

Levi has been with Born Zero for around 2 years now and writes all the lyrics to the bands originals.

Levi - Vocals

Iggy - Guitar

Iggy is an exceptional guitarist that will blow your mind!

Iggy was the founder of Born Zero, along with Charlie, at the tender age of 10.

Tom - Bass

Tom is an great bassist putting his own take on the originals!

Tom is the newest member of the band and is keen to start writing with them.

Charlie - Drums

Charlie is a phenomenal drummer always taking things to the next level.

Charlie was the founder of Born Zero, along with Iggy, at the tender age of 10.

Born Zero Review






Local lads ‘Born Zero‘ open the night; they may be young but they pack a powerful groove filled punch.

Their blend of thrash metal tinged with elements of modern metalcore compliment one another incredibly well

especially when combined with their attitude filled onstage persona.


This is the second time I’ve caught Born Zero perform live and I really look forward to see what these guys

do next as they continue to grow as a band and really start to refine their craft.


Midlands Metal Heads

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